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Hours & Drop-off

School hours

Monday through Friday, 7:55 am to 2:15 pm

Drop-off and parking

Pre-K - grade 2 students will require all vehicles to enter the school site by the entrance near the primary level playground.  Parents dropping off Pre-K-second graders will turn left in front of the school, stop at the curb and allow children to exit the vehicle on the passenger-side of the vehicle.  If older children are also passengers they may exit and walk around the cafetorium to enter school at the side entrance.  Parents dropping off only students in grades 3-6 will continue around the school to drop-off their passengers at the side entrance.

We will not have adequate parking until a new "auxiliary parking area" is constructed so we've got to ask for full cooperation when you bring you children to school (please not before 7:45 AM). We will be implementing the early entrance into school for all children as colder more inclement weather arrives thus speeding up the time vehicles stop along the front curb to drop off children. To keep passengers and pedestrians safe, basic courtesy rules should be followed like using your directional and looking behind you before pulling away from the curb, pulling up as far as you can in front of the building to stop at the front curb, obeying the speed limit on school grounds which is 5-10 MPH and no stopping in the active driving lane to let children exit vehicles.

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